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Simple CNC Vacuum Table

This CNC Vacuum table makes cleanup in the shop easier after crafting. All the wood or metal shavings are easily sucked up and discarded, instead of having to chase them. The solid frame surrounds and holds the table in place. A grid of indented lines allows for measurement and airflow. Four circular holes allow suction to be distributed evenly, and a PVC pipe the size of a vacuum cleaner hose allows attachment. It’s important to have equal airflow to prevent crumpling.

Key Takeaways:

  • With a table saw, some common brackets and screws, and basic CNC capabilities, you can make a quality vacuum table for your CNC projects.
  • By positioning your foam so that its margins match the threaded inserts of your table, you can can fasten it securely.
  • Using Fusion 360, the only toolpaths you will need for your table are 2D Contour, 2D Trace, and 2D Pocket.

“I made this vacuum table to fit the Rascal CNC and specifically to cut 1/4in foam or cardboard that is about 20 by 30in; however, it can be used for many other materials as well. It is split into quadrants so it can be used for smaller pieces as well.”

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