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Small Shop CNC: A Class of Machines Designed to Fit

There are various sizes and specifics to CNC machines suitable for small shops, and the characteristics can vary widely. Smaller machines are more useful for customizing and cutting detailed and specific patterns. Larger machines are more capable of cutting larger sheets, but may be too large to fit in a smaller shop. Buyers should find a CNC machine that has the perfect combination of functions needed, an appropriate size, and cost. Buyers should have a clear goal in mind, as different machines excel in different areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re shopping for a CNC machine, then you already know that there’s a huge variety of sizes and price points to choose from.
  • The smaller machines are good for detailed carvings but may not be appropriate for furniture projects.
  • ShopBot, Automation Technologies, Shark, and Legacy CNC Woodworking all manufacture smaller CNC machines.

“There is a way to narrow down the choices quickly. That’s to keep in mind that – more than any feature, or level of performance, or price – it’s the size of the CNC that directly determines the kind of things that they can best be used for.”

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