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Smart Manufacturing Driven by Innovation

The 4th industrial revolution is the ability to connect machines to the internet, to larger systems and to other machines. It can revolutionize capturing data and reporting real-time production to the computer. It can prevent really expensive breakdowns and repairs and reduce down-time to an absolute minimum. It can link machines to each other machines and coordinate their production rates to optimize production. The systems can link real-time cameras and sensors to improve safety and production. Their customers can also benefit by getting real-time data.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Industrial Internet of Things refers to the technology needed to place small, versatile sensors on almost any object and monitor it.
  • The IIOT can help you figure out what is causing breakdowns and other problems, as well as allowing for quick adjustments as soon as anything starts to go wrong.
  • As customers become choosier and more discerning, Industry 4.0 is is placing more emphasis on producing better customer experiences.

“Industry 4.0, as the name implies, is widely thought to be the 4th industrial revolution. It’s the culmination of automation, big data, cloud computing, and connected machines”

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