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Standardizing The Measurement Process To Find The Right Gage

The importance of standardization of measuring process cannot be overstated. There are many operational decisions that are based on the output of measurements and standardization of the process can ensure the consistency and accuracy of these decisions. The main goal of standardization is to make measurements precise and repeatable. Even with the general push towards this goal, it is surprising to see how many processes and rules are based on decades old concepts that are rarely questioned.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ten to one ratio is still used in many places where if the spread is 0.0002 inches then the smallest the gauge should read is 40 micro-inches.
  • Ideally we want to make a guage operate within four percentage of the tolerance when it comes to factors that are more predictable.
  • Air gaging is a bit more complicated than contact as the measurement point combines an average of the peaks and valleys in which the air jet touches.

“Over the years, much has happened to standardize the measurement process and make it more reliable and repeatable. International, national and industrial organizations have put procedures in place to help ensure that the process—and its verification—is correct and followed every time.”

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