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Star Wars: Wood Episode II | Popular Woodworking Magazine

In the little community which I call home these days, we have an independent theater that shows older, independent and foreign movies. In the lobby, there are often pieces of woodworking that show movie scenes or themes. This is a result of application of digital technology on traditional woodworking methods, often resulting in impressive pieces of work. The capability of CNC machines mean that the local woodworking shop can produce work that ranges in size from table coasters to lobby worthy art.

Key Takeaways:

  • Independent and locally owned movie theaters are a dying breed. But, Puget Sound still has one.
  • The theater is called the Kingston Firehouse Theater. The owner and proprietor is one Craig Smith.
  • Megaplexes, commercial movie houses and IMAXes are the norm. Finding an old school theater is unusual and so much fun.

“The theater’s small lobby features the usual posters of current and coming attractions, movie candy and the tempting smell of real buttered popcorn drifting out into the parking lot.”

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