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Steel Defects Slivers on Rolled Steel Products

Slivers on steel rolls are cause for rejection. By definition, they can cause injuries to material handlers, and as such are automatically rejected. They may also negatively affect the performance of machined parts. There are several ways they can be created during rolling process. Post processing can remove some of them, but imperfect process will still miss some. They are often mistaken for scabs or shearing, and the most distinctive feature of a sliver is that attachment to the main material only happens at one endpoint.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many steel bars that are machined in precision machine shops can cause injury, especially silvers.
  • Silvers have many causes, one of the causes is them being injected incorrectly.
  • Silvers are identified because they are the only ones that are attached at just one end.

“Slivers are, by their very nature, “injurious defects,” and as such rejectable.”

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