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Take time to improve yourself and your manufacturing business

The FMA Virtual Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 3rd to the 4th and is allowing participants to attend virtually through their computers. This is a nice change as the past year has been quite confusing for fabricators. The sessions will also be archived for weeks so that people can get informed when they have the time. More information can be found on the website and we think this year will allow us all get work on a bit of self improvement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Metal fabricating companies had to balance the normal chaos of job scheduling and tight lead times with the reality of people needing more flexible schedules and extended absences.
  • The FMA Annual Meeting, scheduled for March 3-4, is going virtual. You can sit in front of your computer or take some time with your smartphone or tablet to enjoy all that the event has to offer.
  • Attendees who are unable to log in on March 3 or 4 can access archived recordings of the presentations for several weeks after the event.

“The past year has been a stressful one for all in the metal fabricating community.”

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