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Tech Review: Rotary and Laser Engraving

Rotary and laser engraving has become more popular over the years because of how much quicker and faster it is than engraving by hand. These rotary engravers work on three axes and only work with vector artwork. Lasers are used to burn the surface of the media aka perform the engraving and there is less clean up needed. Lasers are bigger than rotary and tend to cost a bit more. There are a wide variety of engraving tools to use nowadays but rotary and lasers offer precision, efficiency and flexibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rotary engraving machines operate on three axes, have small footprints, and can work on a variety of materials.
  • Laser engravers are typically more expensive and larger than rotary, but produce less dust and can produce raster artwork.
  • If you need braille capabilities to be ADA compliant, then rotary is the way to go.

“You can offer a wide variety of specialized custom-engraved products, supply name tags or use them for informational signage.”

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