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Tendon Manufacturing ramps up air purifier production

A Cleveland-based machine shop by the name of Tendon Manufacturing is used to customers who want orders filled on a very quick time budget. The pandemic has them shifting focus only a little to commercial air purifiers as many companies are filing drop in orders. Sales manager Michael Gordon Jr. says that they don’t have any one customer taking up more than ten percent of their business. This protects them from market changes and allows a constant stream of revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those at Tendon Manufacturing, a custom sheet metal and machining operation in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, are drop-in-order veterans, considering their experience in retail displays.
  • On the surface, it sounds as if Tendon just shifted focus from one up-and-down market to another: retail displays to the pandemic-induced demand for air purification.
  • Machine technology has allowed companies like Tendon to ramp up fabrication capacity to unprecedented levels without hiring a significant number of employees.

““Right now no one customer makes up more than 10% of our business,” Gordon said. “And if we break it down by market section, there’s not one market that makes up more than 20%.””

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