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The Center – Manufacturing is Advancing. Don’t Get Left Behind.

A business’s bread and butter has always been its ability to keep up with what’s new. But never in the history of business has just arrived new outpaced new only last month, like it does today. Best business practice as it has always been is to keep up our lose ground. In no area does brand spanking new replace what was new a short while ago with the blazing speed that it does in the digital world. And the super-newest in the digital world? Some call it the fourth industrial revolution, some industry 4.0. Either way it refers to the ongoing process of automation, which will take many of the functions of various industries and put them in non-human systems. Though it all feels terribly sci-fi, we are all feeling the impact already. Manufacturing entities that do not plan for this new technology are destined to fall, possibly irrevocably, behind. Budgeting committees, marketing strategists, design teams, all have to get on board for a reboot and rethink. This is not a new idea. Data shows close to a uniform understanding across businesses that 4.0 is not going away and that it will leave an indelible mark on businesses with obvious impact in the next 5 years. Sadly, older and smaller businesses, which historically do not make digital upgrades in a timely manner, will fail to make the needed changes, without mentoring or other intercessions. Fortunately for manufacturer’s in Michigan, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center has their back. Manufacturer’s of all stripes and sizes can get a free business assessment from the center. The Center is strategically poised to give great project advice and detail how to implement next gen strategies that will aid in the automation revolution. Michigan has a proud history in manufacturing and with the Center aiding business in the area, it can stay its historic course proudly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data suggests that 90% of manufacturing businesses agree that Industry 4.0 will prove itself and impactful presence across the next 5 years.
  • Sadly, data also shows that smaller businesses are far less likely to make the digital improvements they should to stay relevant.
  • Businesses that have a smaller workforce, or are older, tend to persist in a non-digital format, showing close to 20% less digital access than the bigger, newer venues.

“Industry 4.0 may still be intimidating to some, but manufacturers do not need to approach this next stage of innovation alone.”

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