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The Challenges of Smart Manufacturing | ManufacturingTomorrow

Smart manufacturing has a lot to do with the access to data that we have as well as analytics. Data can be used to help integrate machines, monitor equipment and also optimize production. There are challenges that come with this because most organizations don’t have software developers on site. For example, 33% of data can be useful when analyzed but most companies only process 0.5% of data. It’s also pretty difficult to understand the technology that these machines are using without a software background. The solution to this is empowering an existing team and giving them the resources they need to innovate and process data at an efficient rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry 4.0 technologies are a driver for advanced automation such as one that can allow machine to machine automation to take place in a faster and more data driven manner.
  • 33 percent of all data can be useful when analyzed but companies typically only process about 0.5 percent of their data.
  • The best way to solve these automation issues are to use the low code method which can facilitate innovation without having to rely on software developers.

“Having access to data, and more importantly to data analytics, creates a wealth of use cases that can help manufacturers drive value across their business. The starting point for many businesses is getting hold of this data and sending it to a cloud system or data centre for analytics.”

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