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The Fundamentals of Chip Control

Proper management of scrap material is important for productive operation of any machine and fabrication shop. It will protect the product, machinery and tools, and it will also increase the efficiency of the operation. This principle is also applicable to chips created during the machining. When not removed, chips can lead to life of the work tool that is shorter, interruptions of conveyor operations and overall low quality and poor finish. In certain cases, it can also present a safety issue for the operators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chip control issues can reduce tool life, cause conveyor stoppages, and negatively affect surface finishes.
  • For chip shape, 6s and 9s are accepted, and for size, smaller is usually better.
  • Offered in various configurations, chipbreakers are both effective and modestly priced.

“While chips may sometimes be viewed in a negative light, they do bring advantages to the cutting operation when properly handled.”

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