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The Most Popular CNC Projects for Beginners and How to Get Started with Each

Introduction of CNC machinery into the manufacturing sector created a mini-revolution. Shops are now able to be more efficient, scale up or down their work and provide more customization to the end user. Coupled with globalization, it is easy to see the impact of this technology. One often neglected aspect of it is the fact that it is easier than ever to start a career in a machine shop. There are projects you can undertake that will ease you into the world of metal cutting and processing.

Key Takeaways:

  • A sign for your home is a great beginner project as you can use many different materials and the designs are simple.
  • Cubby shelves are great for storing items and you can design them to suit your taste and your homes decor.
  • Scissor chairs are a great first step towards making your own furniture and the CNC tools will ensure precision and accuracy.

“The first steps are learning how to use CNC tools and how to create designs using CAD software.”

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