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The Real Mother of Invention

There have been many inventions throughout history that have helped us progress as a society. Many tire companies at the end of World War II had to learn more about the structure of polymers. They invested in different types of X Ray studies and this helped them design and patent new materials for their tires. We also saw this with lubricating oil manufacturers as they had to spend money to develop processes that taught them how to reform molecules into superior performance species.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mark Wilkins’s book details the rapid and continuous development of German fighter planes in WWI.
  • Motorcycle chassis development was driven by steel rationing and the increased grip of slick tires.
  • CNC machine tools solved the problem of a shortage of machinists and impacted both aircraft and motorcycles.

“The aircraft builders laminated thin plywood onto a carefully shaped form that could then be withdrawn.”

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