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The rise of the rapid response cell in the metal fabrication shop

There’s no argument that changes the internet brought to all spheres of our lives are huge and far reaching. Metal fabrication and machining are not an exception. The way the shops conduct business is dictated by technological changes and market changes. Customers have different expectations and the ability to quickly change and adapt is critical for survival of companies, regardless of their size. Rush orders are now almost a standard, so machines need to be configured in a way to have a setup change in short amount of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world of retail sales today requires agile suppliers to meet the needs of display equipment. DSI is one of these suppliers in this case metal fabrications.
  • Metal fabrications today must have the ability to meet quick turnaround times on contracts and short lead times to compete in the market.
  • DSI is able to meet the needs of its clients with a fabrication environment that is easy to set up, adaptable, and constantly evolving.

“The project is handed off to someone with retail experience, but with no real knowledge of how these displays are made.”

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