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The Robots are Coming!

You won’t need to be tech savvy to use these new tools for woodworking. You may feel intimidated about having a computer cut your wood for you, but this tool is advanced enough that it knows what to do, it is programmed to do just that. There isn’t some big miracle involved with using one, they are programmed to cut wood with a laser and that’s it, which is why anybody can use one. It won’t do other tasks for you besides cut the wood, but there are benefits to having an exact cut made for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC stands for computerized numerical control. It is an automated way to control the motility of a machine’s cutting device.
  • One new great way to increase your woodshop productivity is to use your CNC shop assistant to generate multiple and matching parts while your busy crafting something new.
  • If you elect to use a variable-speed model router with your CNC you can significantly lower the noise level and still achieve good cuts.

“With prices coming down as the technology matures, many of these machines cost about as much as a cabinet saw—or less.”

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