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The Six Things COVID-19’s Manufacturing Winners Have in Common |

When global pandemic hit the world last year, no one fully understood how significant impact it would have on the economies around the world. Yet, the way we live and work changed dramatically almost overnight, and business were hit hard. One year later, it is clear that some businesses managed to thrive despite adversity. The crisis created many opportunities for technological innovation, but also showed that government can play a significant role in the world of business.

Key Takeaways:

  • The food industry doesn’t move all that quickly. There are swings and shifts in categories as things come in and out, but to a large extent that is predictable.
  • People who used to get their breakfast on the go, eat their lunch at work or at school—suddenly they were eating at home. You don’t build for this.
  • People are eating the same amount of calories as always, just in different ways. Early on in the pandemic, there were stories about farmers milking cows and flushing it down the drain—that was because

“Uncertainty remains a significant challenge for many businesses re-evaluating their sales and growth strategies, particularly in the short term. Industry forecasts changed multiple times as the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing became clearer.”

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