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This high-tech tool ‘hooks’ high school students on industrial arts, and opens a door to aerospace careers – KCAW

With the advancement of CNC machines become more precise, more efficient, and more automated, many people see this as the future. Many kids in school are becoming more interested in the manufacturing field after seeing various CNC machines. These machines show the students how important having a precise machine that can cut from micro sizes, to large scale projects that need various materials cut for it’s completion. This also gives a good insight of what goes on in the field.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machines are being used in schools to help kids get into the industry.
  • CNC machines are able to show many different parts of manufacturing.
  • Since the machine can do so many things, it shows kids the variety of things they can do with it.

“The plasma cutter brings the efficiency of a manufactured process to producing something very unique”

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