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To 3D-print or not to 3D-print? Software identifies parts for AM

Additive manufacturing and 3D printers are a fast-growing manufacturing sector. German company that primarily produces manufacturing software entered the segment with a goal to bridge the gap between computer aided programs used in design and capability of design bureaus. They strive to integrate the handover between the design team and manufacturing shop, while also focusing on part distribution. Despite their strength in additive processes, they quickly realize that manufacturing optimization requires them to determine which parts should not be made by using this process.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3YOURMIND now focuses primarily on providing e-commerce support services and additive manufacturing workflows for AM manufacturers.
  • A series of large infusions of capital allowed 3YOURMIND to expand within Germany, and also into countries like France, Poland, and the United States.
  • The Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier software reviews numerous data sources in order to determine which parts are a good fit for additive manufacturing.

“When the German additive manufacturing (AM) software company entered the industry less than five years ago, the initial focus of co-founders Stephan Kuehr and Aleksander Ciszek was to create a 3D-printing ordering marketplace with a direct-to-consumer sales model.”

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