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Top 10 Manufacturing Trends & Innovations for 2022 | StartUs Insights

Many trends have shifted in recent years in the manufacturing world. One of the trends that is ever growing and will continue to grow is automation. Having your manufacturing process automated will be a great long term investment. Using big data is also another trend that manufacturers are using as they can use that data to create the most desired product. AI is another trend that will continue especially as the automation trend grows stronger.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industrial Automation is one of the biggest trends that will happen in the coming years.
  • Using big data to analyze and form a better plan is a newer trend taking off.
  • Getting in tune with the internet will surprisingly surpass a lot of the other trends.

“Simultaneously, companies are shifting to sustainable materials and green energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing facilities and the final products.”

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