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Troubleshooting CNC plasma cutting, Part II

There are a few common issues that come with CNC plasma cutting. One of the biggest problems is slow cutting speed when it comes to dross. Most new plasma machine operators will slow down to make sure they are getting the perfect cut but in reality it is better to do the opposite. You also need to make sure that the torch isn’t too close to the material or too far away. Finally, make sure that the consumables are in good condition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Machining involves a plasma cutting process. This process involves using a blazing hot, super-fast pillar of ionized gas.
  • The blazing hot heat is there to thoroughly melt the material being fabricated.
  • The super-speedy pillar of ionized gas has its own job, which is removing the molten matter from the bottom of the plate.

“The four most common cut quality issues for fabricators are dross, edge angularity, material warpage, and metallurgy of the plasma-cut edge.”

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