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Twin-Spindle Machine Lowers Gear Manufacturing Costs

Bevel gear manufacturing process was never an easy one, and with the proliferation of vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive the demand for bevel gears only increases. Twin spindle machines increase the capacity of machines, by allowing for production of two identical gears at the same time. The clamping mechanism can be customized based on the size of the gears. Standard features ensure high quality of the manufactured parts along with increased reliability. With full automation, the cycle time of these machines can be less than five seconds.

Key Takeaways:

  • There has been a rise in demand for all-wheel-drive vehicles, so the production of bevel gears has increased dramatically to match demand.
  • Differentials have remained important whether they are for combustion engine vehicles or electric vehicles.
  • This technology will be critical for those who want to modernize their production and prepare for future demand.

“Individual process flows are easily reproducible; and additional processes, such as measuring, marking, and cleaning, can be integrated in the same cycle time.”

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