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Two Great Examples Of How We Can Create The Manufacturing Workforce We Need

Manufacturing jobs are some of the most in demand jobs that there are. People aren’t sure where to turn when it comes to manufacturing jobs, and that is where more training is necessary. High schools don’t have training programs, so we are looking to provide those to people who are seeking that type of employment. The military is trying to implement this type of training to those who are entering the work force from the military, and the goal is to have a team of managers that are capable of training even more people.

Key Takeaways:

  • nothing will eliminate the need for manufacturing in the U.S. because it continues to grow.
  • There is a program being offered that will assist with this growth that would train for welding.
  • Each building could have its own training pool where managers can help train people.

“The program offers a variety of certifications, including welding (the American Welding Society), CNC programming (Mastercam), CAD (SOLIDWORKS) and metalworking (the National Institute for Metalworking Skills). In all, they offer about 300 nationally-recognized third-party credentials.”

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