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Updated CAD File Viewer Speeds Product Development and Manufacturing

Workxplore, developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, allows users to import and analyze all file types and sizes at a very high speed. This is great for businesses who deal with big data, or large companies with a lot of data to weed out. It is a very versatile program that can enhance assembly related capabilities like 3d designs of large and complex machinery, or understanding and analyzing very complicated data that is about assembly line production machinery or other machines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Users of Workxplore can easily and efficiently import and analyze different file types at record speed.
  • The ease of highlighting a specific part in an assembly is also a new enhancement in the latest release.
  • The new functionality is relatively easy to navigate and use, despite the upgrades.

“It often takes less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.”

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