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Upskilling Your Workforce

When it comes to the mechanics behind the workforce, there are many changes coming our way. Positions that were not only rough and dirty but pose a huge safety risk are now being completed by intuitive robots, creating a safer work environment for whatever human coworkers are left. According to the latest study, 14% of human workers will need to find other jobs as they are being replaced by automation. The top priority in these companies are the training that is critical when working along side A.I. It appears that the new and most sought after jobs will actually be in maintenance and programming of these automated machines rather then manual labor.

Key Takeaways:

  • While we experience the largest robotic expansion in history, companies are recognizing the value of a competent human workforce.
  • The rise of automation has turned welders into welding inspectors, a less dangerous job.
  • When looking to train a workforce to work with robotics, it could be helpful to consult a local junior college or tech school.

“Incorporating robots into manufacturing processes opens the door to new, specialized jobs in areas like quality assurance, robot maintenance, and technical support. Instead of letting employees go, train them for value-added responsibilities in line with their skill set.”

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