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US remains most attractive country for aerospace manufacturing –

Consulting firm PWC has released its annual index on aerospace manufacturing, and the U.S. has ranked number one. Canada was second, with Singapore third. The U.S.’s ranking was supported by strong GDP, and its effective transportation and logistics. In the United States, Washington State was the leading state, buoyed by a friendly tax structure and partnerships. Washington produced 90% of the countries commercial aircraft. The second-ranking state, Georgia, also had an impact due to the Air force bases, Airports, and businesses there.

Key Takeaways:

  • The PwC ranking consists of several factors including but not limited to tax policy and geopolitical standing
  • Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom rank just below the United States as shown by the attractiveness graph provided
  • Due to impending Brexit uncertainty and potential supply disruptions, the United Kingdom may see a decrease in their overall ranking

“Washington State produced 1,400 aircraft and unmanned aerial systems in 2018, with an industry workforce of 136,000. The state produced 90% of commercial aircraft in the US (741) in 2018.”

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