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Using Intelligent Machine Control To Optimize Quality Assurance  |

Intelligent machine control decreases the amount of human error for analyzing data and making sure that operations can continue when older employees retire. It uses an automated feedback loop combined with CNC machining. This helps build quality control that keeps production error free. IMC is worth checking out for many businesses who could benefit from this technology. Talking to professionals in this area will give insight on whether IMC can help save costs for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intelligent Machine Control software is utilized during machine inspection tasks, routine, or otherwise.
  • During the course of inspection, the software collects, measures and analyzes data.
  • The acquired data is then used to course-correct any apparent malfunction, hopefully circumventing the human error quotient.

“Instead, the software uses an automated feedback loop between metrology equipment and CNC machinery.”

Read more: https://www.fabricatingandmetalworking.com/2021/01/using-intelligent-machine-control-to-optimize-quality-assurance/



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