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Watchmaking: A Machinist’s View

Mr. Weiss can most often be seen hunched over his desk working on all the small intricate details that go inside of a watch for it to function the way that it does. These tiny parts were most often ordered overseas because the building just wasn’t large enough to manufacture all of those tiny parts. He wasn’t able to make them as often as he wanted to. Now, he is able to build these watches himself because the small parts come from the same company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern machining technology is necessary to meet the goal of making the art accessible.
  • Grant Hughson is the lone programmer and operator of the three-axis VMC and the Swiss-type lathe.
  • The CAL 1003 is Weiss Watch Co.’s first movement to be constructed almost entirely of American parts.

“For Mr. Weiss, restoring that prestige means not just assembling the parts here, but making them here, too.”

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