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Watchmaking: A Machinist’s View

There are a few things that go into the craftmanship of designing and building a watch. There are the mechanics of it, but there’s also the fine details that go into it to. If you want to design a luxury piece, then you have to pay attention to those finer details that make the mechanics of the watch work the way that they do. The springs are such a tiny detail, but they deserve just as much attention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Weiss Watch Co. depends on modern machining equipment to produce watch parts in a faster and more cost-efficient manner.
  • When making parts for their watches, Weiss Watch Co. must focus on precision and aesthetics combined.
  • Only a handful of parts need to be outsourced to places like Switzerland, as Weiss Watch Co. makes the majority of parts in the U.S.

“Just as emblazoning his family name across the face implies a certain aesthetic, the label “Los Angeles, California” implies a deep-seated desire to restore prestige to a domestic industry that largely collapsed with the advent of cheaper, more accurate quartz movements in the 1960s”

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