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We’re Closer Than Ever to First-Time-Right 3D Metal Printing |

Manufacturing takes intense attention to detail as everything from the firmware to the tightening of screws has to be perfect. The goal is to have printing come out right on the first iteration. Many companies try to solve this by limiting their production to simple variables that will not cause complications. Xcelerator portfolio’s NX software specifically looks at many different processes to be able quicken production with little errors. After the acquisition of Atlas 3D is was then possible to create cloud solutions while also working to integrate machine learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Print quality can be very easily affect by minor changes even in additive manufacture ring. Everything has to be done right from the firmware to the screws.
  • Xcelerator portfolio’s NX software uses a large collection of printing methods allowing for faster quality production.
  • They have acquired Atlas 3D in 2019 allowing for them to build a new cloud service. They are also working with machine learning for fatigue performance.

“The goal of industrializing a manufacturing method is to quickly produce thousands of high-quality parts with minimal waste. However, fine-tuning an AM method to generate such results requires experience and knowledge of the variables that affect the process. Acquiring this knowledge requires manufacturing numerous iterations of a part to achieve quality output during production runs.”

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