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Whaaaat?! Are additive manufacturers ready for Industry 5.0?

Although automation and 3D printing are becoming more popular, Industry 4.0 remains underutilized. Smaller manufacturers in particular seem too busy to even think about it. Even so, some people are already talking about Industry 5.0. More emphasis will be placed on sustainability, which 3D printing can deliver. Industry 5.0 is also human-centric, making manufacturing more accessible to more people. Furthermore, 5.0 promises to be resilient thanks to localized manufacturing and shorter supply lines. Industry 5.0 adds collaborative manufacturing and cyber-physical cognitive systems to the mix. It will be interesting to see it unfold.

Key Takeaways:

  • The demand for automation is increasing very quickly but the problem is there is a labor shortage that is made worse due to COVID.
  • There isn’t much waste when it comes to 3D printing and it’s also much more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to traditional manufacturing.
  • The supply chain is short with 3D printing and that is why it’s so valuable to have localized manufacturing.

“Granted, automation is picking up in a big way, but much of that is due to the ongoing labor shortage, a situation made worse by COVID.”

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