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What is Deburring? [How to Quickly Deburr Metal CNC Parts]

Deburring is the process of removing bumps, raised edges, or the metal that is attached to a workpiece after the machine process is finished. It is essential that this step gets finished and finished correctly. There are many ways to achieve deburring. Manually is one of them, but you can have another machine do it with vibrations, or even certain tools specifically made for deburring. Heat is another method of ridding burrs and electricity can also be used.

Key Takeaways:

  • After a machining process has occurred, there is often a minute, raised edge that remains adhered to an otherwise finished piece. This is called a burr.
  • The process of removing these unnecessary edges is called deburring. A professional CNC job always includes deburring.
  • There exists more than one sort of deburring process. For example, there is manual deburring, vibratory deburring and abrasive deburring.

“We’ll go through each category in detail so you can learn how to choose the best deburring process for your job.”

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