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What Is the State of Additive Manufacturing – ARC Viewpoints

Additive manufacturing came to the forefront of manufacturing processes several years ago, and at the same time it was quite trendy and promising. While not as touted as in the past, additive manufacturing is more effective than ever with many shops adopting the process. In fact, in a decade, we can expect it to become the manufacturing standard. The area where the biggest advancements are made is the high-volume manufacturing. In other words, AM is no longer just favorite process for prototyping, but stands rightfully next to the conventional machining processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI algorithms and new technologically advanced materials will form the base of a whole new standard of design and manufacture.
  • The use of next gen 3-D printings, as just one example, is changing volume capability in the manufacturing sector.
  • AI machine capacities will in future enable the designer to sift through many more design options to find the absolute most functional, than was ever conceivable in the past.

“Over the next 5-10 years, AM will become the standard manufacturing technology.”

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