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What Is The Widest Wheel You Can Install On The Back Of Your Motorcycle?

We’ve all seen those motorcycles on the road with wider rear wheels installed. Often, these are for showing off, but there are actual, good reasons why you may want to consider installing one yourself. They definitely give better traction, which provides increased safety and performance, critically important in bad weather. Ensure you take the clearance in the back into account, especially between the drive or belt shaft, or the tire and electrical wires. Moving the chain and the sprockets needs to be done properly, otherwise premature wear will occur.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clearance is everything. It is imperative to make sure you have enough space in several different areas.
  • It is critical to take certain factors into account for your individual bike before you make a decision on wheel size.
  • If any of these spacings are off, you run the risk of your motorcycle not performing properly, burning out wires or rubbing a hole through the tire itself causing a blowout.

“Street riders also favor wide wheels for the badass, tough-as-nails look they give their bike. Considering the advantages wide wheels offer, you may be wondering, what is the widest back motorcycle wheel install available for my motorcycle?”

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