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What Parts Can Be Made Using CNC Machining Process In Aluminum And Magnesium Alloys

There are many different parts that can be made by using the CNC machining process in both aluminum and magnesium alloys. CNC machining is best for these types of parts because of that ability to make precise cuts. There are also advantages with using both aluminum and magnesium as they are both light materials and the process for them is very friendly to the environment. When it comes to CNC machining you are basically converting a piece of material to a finished product via controlled processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machining is used to create computer components in various industries.
  • Aluminum has special mechanical and thermal properties, while magnesium can be cut manually in part.
  • CNC machine types include drills, lathes and milling machines, as well as laser, plasma and water jet cutting mediums.

“One can use almost any type of material in a CNC machine, depending on the application.”

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