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What to Know When Buying a Lathe Spindle | CNC Masters

If you think that conversations about spindles and lathes are not fascinating, and are in fact quite boring, you are not alone. Yet, this part is the most critical part of any lathe and directly responsible for its performance. Selection of proper spindle depends on your application, and it has been a subject of debate since people started using lathes. The machine itself is one of the oldest types that is used by machine and fabrication shops. There are many different kinds of spindles but, in general, they can be classified into two groups, based on the drive mechanism.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lathes are some of the oldest machine tools and they can rotate the workpiece instead of the cutter like a milling machine.
  • Lathe tools usually are stationary but in some cases the cutting tool can be attached to the spindle, making it similar to a traditional drill.
  • The bigger a lathe is, the bigger a spindle is. A metal lathe also requires more heavy duty spindles that are reinforced as well.

“The spindle connects to the lathe engine’s axle through the headstock.”

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