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Why could ignoring Digital Twins mean double trouble? – The Manufacturer

The idea of digital twins has been hyped up recently in the manufacturing sector. Data from a real-life object is converted into a digital copy, or twin, and this digital twin is used in virtual simulations to help inform changes to make in real life. While this technology has yet to see massively widespread adoption, odds are that the companies who choose to utilize this technology early on are going to be industry leaders and more successful in the future. Digital twins present multiple advantages such as greater sustainability and enhanced abilities to troubleshoot ideas that would be difficult to replicate or examine in real life, and these advantages will be able to benefit greatly by the implementation of 5G.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital twins take data from the physical world and use it to build models in the digital world.
  • Digital twins that are fully predictive for complex systems can be used to automate decision making.
  • Better wireless networks make live digital coupling cheap, flexible, secure and interoperable.

“in the second world war, model ships were used in a control room to map the locations of ships on the Normandy coastline.”

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