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Why Was CNC Machining on Display at the Biggest Show for Additive Manufacturing?

Formnext, a trade show that showcases technology and advancements regarding additive manufacturing, or AM. This year, in addition to the various machines used for AM, machines used for subtractive manufacturing have also been prominently featured. This reflects the trend of using CNC machining and subtractive processes alongside AM for the purposes of the increasingly important task of postprocessing. Various subtractive manufacturing machines were featured, such as those from Roeders, Spee3D, and other companies; these machines were demonstrated to be precise, fast, and fairly effective.

Key Takeaways:

  • It was typical for hybrid machine tools to be present at the Formnext convention.
  • Due to the importance of postprocessing, CNC machining using subtractive manufacturing processes has found increased interest.
  • These machines that employ subtractive manufacturing method can work rapidly, precisely, and efficiently.

“But this year, there were CNC machines doing just the subtraction and nothing else, just the cutting and nothing else — just the work we associate with machine tools.”

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