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Woodworking in America: Jenny Boles

Boles is a woodworker from Kentucky. She got started by loving to build even from a young age. She loved building more than the finished product itself. Design was her passion.She didn’t even have mentors. She makes detailed pieces. She advises others to avoid youtube and just start building on your own. Preparation for pieces is important to help guide a finished product. Overall, it is important to have a passion for building so it doesn’t feel so much like work.

Key Takeaways:

  • For anyone just starting out, at a point you will need to leave the theoretical aspect and start building something.
  • Spend significant amount of time making templates for other detailed portions of designs.
  • You need to carve out time and make sacrifices to ensure you invest enough of yourself in your craft.

“He introduced me to the scroll saw and encouraged me to keep practicing and advancing my techniques and designs.”

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