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Workstation mobility for metal fabricators on the shop floor

Modular design and workstation flexibility is an important part for machine shop efficiency initiative. It becomes even more important in those shops where available space is at premium. Cutting down on wasted time is a goal that owners and managers always pursue. Modular work carts powered by batteries are the newest trend in metal fabrication. The design is iteratively improved with advancements in battery technology and wireless communication that helps the integration of work-carts into an overall automated and data logging systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focused on mobile powered workstations, John O’Kelly launched Newcastle Systems from his home garage
  • The Newcastle workstations are the size of podiums and permit real-time internal communications.
  • The challenge is getting businesses to realize they could use mobile powered workstations to improve productivity.

“As he observed the inner workings of customers’ shops and even his employer’s facility during the early 2000s, he noticed something was missing: truly efficient workstations with mobility. At the same time, he also noticed there was vast potential in wireless technologies.”

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