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Yes, You CAN Micromachine With A Standard Machine Tool

Ongoing pandemic has forced many machine shops to adapt and pursue opportunities that they previously did not think were feasible. Capital investment in equipment that is versatile provides good return through positioning on a new market. Expanding into segment of micromachining is possible even with conventional machining equipment with addition of adequate tools. It is estimated that only 10% of conventional machine shops have capability to do micromachining. This is a huge opportunity for those looking to grow and diversify their offering.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a micromachining capability without the need for costly capital purchases can be a great way of keeping your shop competitive.
  • Micromachining tools, with their mix of extreme sharpness, precision engineering and durability, can be very difficult to design and produce.
  • A spindle speeder avoids heat buildup and reduces wear and tear on machine tools.

“That brings us to our best recommendation for boosting machine speed: spindle speeders. There are three types: gear-driven that reach about 24,000 RPM; electric-driven that max out around 80,000 RPM; and air-powered, which are faster yet (for example, our RBX12 spindle speeder can reach 120,000 RPM).”

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