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Yes, You CAN Micromachine With A Standard Machine Tool

Current economic conditions require securing an uninterrupted revenue stream, which is crucial for business survival. One way to overcome capital investment requirements and financing issues is to utilize your existing equipment in new ways. With adequate tools and right accessories, you can use your standard equipment to embark on micro-machining adventure. The biggest obstacle is ensuring you can provide enough power and speed to your machine. This will open new business opportunities for your company and differentiate you from similar local machine shops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Micromachining isn’t necessarily a high-speed operation, nor is it limited to miniature parts.
  • Micro tools aren’t just small versions of standard tools, as many tool features cannot be adapted to small sizes.
  • A spindle speeder is the recommended way to boost machine speed for the sake of micro tools.

“Micro tools are incredibly difficult to produce, and newer manufacturers are still learning how.”

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